PET strap machine test for Turkey customer

PET packaging belt production line successfully tested


The Turkish customer ordered one set of PET packaging belt production line, the output is 400kg/hr, can produce 1-4 straps.


Equipment configuration list:


  1. Crystallization drying equipment;
  2. Three-component feeding system;
  3. Backflush net changer;
  4. MAAG melt pump;
  5. Die head;
  6. Cold water sink;
  7. Five-roll tractor;
  8. Draft oven;
  9. Five-roll preheating drafting machine;
  10. Five-roll drafting machine;
  11. Hydraulic embossing machine;
  12. Annealing oven;
  13. Cooling water tank;
  14. Automatic winder;
  15. Automatic piling system.
Created on:2024-03-01 16:31