Fully Automatically High Speed PS Foam Box Thermoforming Machine

  • Big forming area; High forming and trimming speed; Equipped with 6-7 sets of servo motors; Fully controlled by computure, the momory process parameters can be saved.
  • HLRCH series high speed thermoforming machine and HLZCZ automatic in-line punch press consist of fully automatic forming ,punch cutting and automatic stacking which are the new generation developed by us This line has high efficiency in producing , perfect cutting performance,easy operataion, high durability and trouble free of punching mould (generally more than 8 years) .

    HLRCH series high speed thermoforming machine equipped fully servo system on sheet feeding and forming, which can provide high efficiency cycle time within 2 sec/cycle and high accurate , and can make high quality in forming with 60 Tons clamping force It is suitable for vacuum forming , press forming and vacuum pressing process. EPS, PVC, PP, BOPS, HIPS, PLA and PET sheet are suitable for this machine.
    HLZCZ series automatic punch press consists of auto sheet feeding, auto position detecting , auto cutting, counting, stacking and auto load out .This machine is fully computerizing control and using servo drive motor with high standard electronic component . It can fully perform automatic cutting with perfect result .
    HLRCH series high speed forming machine and HLZCZ series automatic punch press are fixing all the famous international brand component .
    HZCZ series automatic punch press can be combined with HLRC  series hydraulic thermoforming machine:unit to produce the goods.

    • Series of thermoform
    • Max. Forming area
    • Max. forming depth
      127mm (5");127mm (5");127mm (5");127mm (5");127mm (5")
    • Thermoforming power
    • Series of cutter
    • Max. cutting area
    • Max. cutting height
      150 (5.9");150 (5.9");150 (5.9");150 (5.9");150 (5.9")
    • Cutter power

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