High Speed Cable Wire Production Line

  • It is suitable for PVC, LDPE, XLPE, LSHF, TPU, etc. insulation materail of wire and cable production, double-color, double-layer, tri-layer extrusion working.
  • I. According to the particularity of cable technical requirements, there are various production lines:

    • Production line of UL electronic wire and special cable;

    • Production line of power wire, building wire and insulation sheath;

    • Production line of the telephone cable and military products;

    • Production line of the audio wire, network cable;

    II. According to the different screw diameter of extruder, there are various production lines:¢30,¢35,¢40,¢45,¢50,¢55,¢60,¢65,¢70,¢80,¢90,¢100,¢120,¢150,¢200

    III.According to the different control methods, there are various production lines of PLC controlled type or traditional controlled type.

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